Our work is focussed on the human aspects of corporate culture. We believe that the key to business success lies more in people than in processes. Today’s perfect business processes will be disrupted tomorrow, but inspired and motivated people will adapt accordingly – and even the most perfect business model will fail if it has an unfriendly human face.

We have inherited from our recent industrial past an unthinking presumption that the organisation is a kind of machine, serviced by the people that the organisation employs. In fact, the organisation is, or should be, a community of like-minded people sharing a common goal. This community shapes the future of the organisation from moment to moment via its collective ingenuity.

The full recognition of this simple fact has profound implications for how we run our businesses: we need to accept that our people really are our greatest asset and that, to be successful, we must create the conditions in which they can fully express their human sociability, their ingenuity and their instinctive drive to work together to achieve common goals.

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