Many of the most significant issues facing modern organisations – poor employee engagement; high staff turnover; low productivity; lack of innovation – stem from a disconnect between what people expect from the workplace and their actual experience. Revealing these disconnects between organisational and personal values surfaces significant issues and enables meaningful conversations, leading to real cultural change and higher levels of engagement, productivity and innovation and profitability.

At the heart of this approach is the need to identify ‘value gaps’: the areas of organisational behaviour that are at odds with colleagues’ expectations and aspirations. Every organisation has (or should have) its own, unique culture. Our approach is ‘culture neutral’: it helps organisations to create the culture that best suits their unique business situation and their employees’ wants and needs.

Our unique diagnostics explore corporate cultures at a far more subtle and significant level than the typical ‘employee survey’. We use our ‘10 dimensions of organisational behaviour’ to uncover specific aspects of the organisation that are creating significant disconnects. Other diagnostics explore levels of creativity in the workplace, ensemble behaviours and the existence of ‘Machiavellian’ behaviours in the workplace, as explored in our book, Machiavellian Intelligence: How to survive and rise in the modern corporation.