How did John D Rockefeller become the richest American of all time?
Why did Mark Zuckerberg walk away from $1 billion?
How did A.G. Lafley save Proctor & Gamble from ‘a death spiral’?
How did Robin Li defeat Google in China?
The career of every great business leader reads like the plot of a novel. Great leaders, by definition, have a vision that is not shared by everyone. There are difficulties and adversities to overcome; they face many obstacles, including self-doubt, but persevere in the hope of achieving their goal.
100 Great Business Leaders selects the very best business leaders from over two hundred years of business history, investigating their ideas, their personal qualities, their decisions and the routes to their success, from the early steamship and railway magnate, Cornelius Vanderbilt, in the early nineteenth century, to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in the early twenty-first century; from the Americas to Europe, from India, Japan and South East Asia to China.