The Power of Performance Thinking

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Our workshops and programmes deliver the power of Performance Thinking.

Hands-on, engaging and transformational, the sessions explore the mindsets and techniques used by top performing artists and put these into a business and personal context, giving delegates real insights into ways they can enhance their own performance, turn the teams that they work with into genuine ensembles and develop people’s innate creativity and enthusiasm.

In all of our workshops and programmes, delegates explore and internalise the five core principles of Performance Thinking:

  • Develop the performance mindset
  • Build connected ensembles
  • Have a purpose; tell a story
  • Rehearse creatively
  • Delight the audience

Workshops and Masterclasses

The Performance Thinking workshops explore the five principles of Performance Thinking and demonstrate their impact in a series of group exercises designed to develop the ensemble approach and encourage creative thinking. The highly interactive sessions can be delivered in a half- or one-day programme.

Jon Westminster
Jonathan with delegate  at Westminster Business School

Delegates gain new insights into how they can work with their colleagues as an ensemble, acquire a powerful toolkit based around the concept of Creative Rehearsal to enable them to create and implement new ideas together and find ways to develop compelling stories in their work that communicate the organisation’s core purpose in audience-pleasing ways.

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Arts Experience Programmes

In the longer Arts Experience programmes, delegates interact with top performing artists who give stunning demonstrations of their skills and discuss in detail the mindsets and methods that allow them to work with their fellow artists to deliver truly outstanding performances.

Reigning British Professional Latin Champions Gunnar Gunnarsson and Marika Doshoris perform for delegates from Sellafield Ltd before joining a group discussion about creating and delivering winning performances.
Gunnar and Marika competing at the April 2019 WDC Open European Championship in Russia.

The immersive programmes ideally run for two to four days. Delegates explore the core principles of Performance Thinking in depth, and relate these directly to their own work experience, learning new techniques and mindsets that will transform their individual performance and the performance of the groups they work with.

Our Workshops and Programmes make use of our specially-developed Culture Diagnostics. Delegates complete a short online questionnaire before attending the sessions. Our uniquely probing and challenging questions reveal key areas where current corporate culture is falling short of, or clashing with, people’s ideals and wishes, grounding discussions in the reality of people’s experiences.


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Speaker Sessions

Our speaker sessions set out the fundamental principles of Performance Thinking, illustrated with stimulating and entertaining video material, and deliver a fresh and thought-provoking session for conferences, away-days and any corporate event that seeks to offer delegates new ideas and to challenge established thinking.

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