The Five Principles of Performance Thinking: The mindsets and techniques for success in the modern world.

The businesses that are succeeding in the modern world are the ones that are putting on a performance in the fullest sense of the word – the businesses that know who their audience is and are delighting that audience with everything they do.

But when we talk about ‘business performance’, we tend to forget this wider meaning of the word. We get straight down to numbers and statistics. We forget about the human aspect: the engagement; the emotion.

Interestingly, the people who know the most about putting on a performance and delighting audiences are, in general, not businessmen – they are artists. There is a great deal that business can learn from the performing arts.

The way that top performing artists – actors, dancers; musicians – go about preparing for and delivering their performances is very consistent: there are certain mindsets, techniques and practices that are common to all great performers. These mindsets and techniques are very different from the ones that are most common in the world of business – but they are highly effective, and they can be adapted for business use.

Performance Thinking distils those mindsets, techniques and practices into five core principles. Applying the five principles of Performance Thinking has the capacity to revolutionise our businesses, freeing up people’s natural creativity and creating genuine ensembles delivering performances that will delight our audiences.

The Five Principles of Performance Thinking