These immersive programmes ideally run for two to four days. Delegates will explore the core principles of Performance Thinking in depth, and relate these directly to their own work experience, learning new techniques and mindsets that will transform their individual performance and the performance of the groups they work with.

Interacting with Top Performing Artists

Unique group exercises based on the performing arts help delegates to internalise the ideas via a series of ‘Ah-ha’ moments derived from real physical experience. Delegates will also interact with top-flight performers: actors; jazz musicians; dancers; choral singers; conductors.

Peter and singers PTW launch
Conductor Peter Hanke and choral group Voces

These brilliant, intimately-experienced performances inspire and stimulate delegates, while the opportunity to discuss techniques, mindsets and approaches to creating and delivering world-class performances helps bring to life the core principles of Performance Thinking:

  • Performance Mindset
  • Ensemble Work and Connectivity
  • Purpose and Narrative
  • Creativity, Rehearsal and Innovation
  • Performance delivery
World-class ballroom dancers Gunnar Gunnarsson and Marika Doshoris perform for delegates from Sellafield Ltd before joining a group discussion about creating and delivering winning performances.

Ensemble Thinking

Ensemble sessions, using established ensemble-building exercises from the world of theatre, demonstrate the deficiencies of the hierarchical ‘team’ structure and the unique strengths of a structure in which individuals can only deliver their very best performance when they are also enabling the brilliant and supportive performances of their fellow ensemble members.

Purpose and Narrative

Workgroups on Purpose and Narrative reveal the centrality of these to any great performance: a brilliant performance has shape and intent and takes its audience on a satisfying narrative arch. All successful organisations have a clear purpose and tell compelling stories which engage their audience. Delegates work with brand experts, actors and storytellers to develop compelling narratives that imbue their own work with meaning and help engage their audiences.

Creative Rehearsal

The powerful techniques of creative rehearsal transform a group’s creative potential. In business we tend to practice, and to plan and implement, but not to rehearse. True rehearsal is a process in which the unique chemistry of any ensemble is brought to bear on a creative challenge, generating new and unique creative solutions – an infinitely more powerful tool than the classic ‘brainstorming’ approach.

Delegates experience and learn the rules and techniques of real creative rehearsal and see how these can be used to create new and exciting ‘performances’ in the business world.

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