Acquiring a greater understanding of the causes of ongoing low levels of employee engagement is arguably the most important business challenge of our times. Improving employee engagement would unlock ‘free human energy’, increasing productivity and innovation and reducing employee turnover for a minimal investment.

Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workforce report shows that only 15% of the workforce worldwide is ‘highly involved in and enthusiastic about work and the workplace’. Alarmingly, Gallup finds that only 10% of Western European workers are ‘highly involved’ in this way, compared with 33% in the US.

Gallup also reports that companies in the top quartile in terms of engagement are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those in the bottom quartile, and that engagement levels tend to be lower in ‘process-driven’ cultures, such as production and manufacturing, than in more ‘employee-centred’ cultures.

In order to address low levels of employee engagement, we need to understand the organisational behaviours that are causing disengagement. Because all organisations have their own, unique cultures, these behaviours will vary from organisation to organisation: what employees expect from a creative work environment, such as a creative agency, are very different for what employees expect in a highly controlled work environment, such as a nuclear power station.

Our framework of 10 dimensions of organisational behaviour explores the ‘energy gaps’ between employee aspirations and their actual experiences of the workplace. The 10 dimensions are explored via our unique diagnostic, which can be completed online by delegates before or during sessions and analysed to provide unique insights and precisely relevant material for discussion.

This ‘culture neutral’ approach reveals unique patterns for the dimensions that are causing disengagement across various groups in any particular organisation.

Once the causes of such energy gaps are recognised, it becomes possible to address core issues, achieving real cultural transformation and greatly improved levels of engagement, leading to happier colleagues, lower staff turnover and higher productivity.

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