‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, as Peter Drucker famously said. Culture is hugely important in business, but an organisation’s culture is very hard to define. And simply knowing ‘what our culture is’ isn’t particularly useful: what matters is whether any organisational culture is advantageous – is it encouraging successful behaviours and positive outcomes, and are colleagues fully engaged with the current culture, or hostile to it?

The theme offers a variety of frameworks that enable a real understanding of organisational culture, exploring how that culture is actually experienced by colleagues and highlighting areas where change can bring about the most positive results.

Our unique cultural diagnostics can be completed online by delegates before sessions – or even during sessions – and analysed to explore perceptions of different aspects of corporate behaviour, providing valuable insight and raising issues for discussion based on delegates’ real experiences.

The diagnostics cover:

  • Perceptions of organisational behaviour that are potentially causing disengagement
  • Creative thinking and ensemble behaviour in senior teams
  • The existence of Machiavellian behaviour within the organisation, and whether this is perceived as a negative or a positive aspect of organisational culture.

This theme delivers a unique framework for understanding the practical realities of organisational culture and offers a road map for a process of positive cultural change.

All of our speaker themes can be delivered in variety of formats to suit the occasion, budget, audience, and purpose.  

Themes can be delivered as a short speech, an interactive conference session, a half-day workshop or a full-day masterclass.

We also offer bespoke arts-based leadership development programmes.

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