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There is a fundamental contradiction between the way we manage organisations and the way innovation is generated.

Our management processes encourage us to put safety first and find incremental gains and efficiencies. We look for ‘evolutionary’ innovations that make marginal improvements, but keep our essential business model undisturbed.

Real innovation is ‘revolutionary’ – it disrupts everything: our market linkages (distribution channels, business partners etc.) and our technology linkages (technology usage, skills, platforms etc.) However, it also offers the potential for real competitive advantage and dramatic financial gains. To be truly innovative, we need to be prepared to destroy our current, familiar processes.

The search for real innovation requires a new and more ‘artistic’ approach from business leaders – the constant search for ways of creating something new and surprising from familiar materials.

Looking to the world of theatre, dance and music and using inspirational video material this theme explores the techniques and mindsets used in ensemble-building and creative rehearsal and provides inspirational yet practical advice on how the business world can adapt to encourage true innovation.

Click the button to view Mark’s presentation “The Director as Innovator on HSTalks


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