This theme explores the core ideas set out in The Five Principles of Performance Thinking.

Develop a Performance Mindset

Build Connected Ensembles

Have a Purpose; Tell a Story

Rehearse Creatively

Delight the Audience

This thought-provoking and entertaining theme reminds the audience of the importance of the original meaning of ‘performance’ – a public act of creativity designed to move the audience in some way; to convey important ideas and explore human emotions.

The individuals, teams and businesses that are most successful in the modern world are the ones that are putting on a performance in this full sense of the word. The ones that have an exciting story to tell, are focused on their audience and are delighting the audience with everything they do.

When we talk about ‘performance’ in a business context, we tend to forget the wider meaning of the word. We get straight down to numbers and statistics. We forget about the human aspect: the engagement, the emotion.

But it is the emotional engagement with our customers that will be at the heart of the success of our business performance. And the people who know the most about putting on a performance, delighting audiences and engaging emotions are, in general, not businesspeople – they are artists.

There is a great deal that business can learn from the performing arts; the Five Principles of Performance Thinking analyse the mindsets and techniques of performing artists and demonstrate how these can be used to improve our personal, team and organisational performances.

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